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Our story

The goal of our entire staff is to bring the best out of every bride on that special day, beauty, self-assurance and happiness. Our work is more than just a hairdo and makeup, we pride ourselves on our work as art expressed on skin and hair as our canvas. With utilize innovative makeup techniques, an amazing makeup using the best brands or airbrush is your choice. We always try to adapt as much as possible to your needs, let us know how we can do it for you!

We are based in Riviera Maya, the splendorous zone that include Cancun, Playa del Carmen and Tulum. But we can help you in another parts of our wonderful Mexico. We can be with you too at the States or another countries, some times we did it and really enjoy to travel!

Send us an email of contact us via our social media (IG, FB or TW). Let us know how can we do for you and we will design the best package for your needs...

Hugs from Paradise... We love to make-up happy brides!

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