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Airbrush Makeup.. Is for me?

Moni and Adri Photo

Hello beautiful brides! A lot of our brides asked us about the benefits and the differences between airbrush and traditional makeup, if you are thinking about using this technique or not keep reading.

As in traditional makeup, there is a specific basis for each type of skin, airbrush makeup is the same depending on your needs.

What about fines lines and pores? There are foundation to help you to have a satin skin, perfect for softener fine lines and imperfections, illuminating and helps to mature skin to create a radiant and softer appearance.

If you wanted no makeup appearance but flawless finish airbrush makeup is perfect.

Oily skin? There exists matte foundation that will hep your skin look beautiful, great for tv, shooting and social media.

All airbrush makeup are non-comedogenic and hypo-allergenic

It is necessary to say that the last of your makeup will depends of the skin-prep.

Recap, is you are looking a natural but flawless look airbrush is for you.

Happy wedding plans!!


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