The Secret to Having The Perfect Makeup?  Healthy Skin!

That’s right! All we need is a good skincare routine…

Here’s some advice to:

  • Always wear sunblock (SPF) Why is so important? Your skin is affected directly for the sun everyday and we don’t want premature aging or spots on our skin right?
  • Keep your skin hydrated. How? Moreover of drinking more than 8 glasses of water, you need complemaint with vitamins from fruits, vegetables and  chamomile and green tea . But we can also have moisturized skin with some natural oils, yogurt, coconut milk. You can make your own natural masks or buy some commercial also good.
  • Sleep. Yes. You already know that is very neccesary to get the enough rest for your health. 7-8 Hours per night will be good, your skin will thank you
  • Exfoliate. Say goodbye to dead cells!! How? Again, you can make your own mask with sugar and lemon, oatmeal with milk or sugar an olive oil even coffee!

Hope these tips are helpful for you!! I know if you follow a good skincare routine your makeup will be flawless on your big day!

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