The Perfect Wedding Day Lipstick

Who would not like the perfect lipstick for the wedding day? But, how can you decide?  For brides, makeup trial is the perfect option to be sure about how you want to look, but for  bridesmaids and mothers it is a little more difficult to decide, even if you are a bride or not, or you have a trial or not, this post could be help you, besides our makeup artists will be glad to help you to decide.

  Red for Hindu Bride

Soft Pink Matte for bridesmaid

Soft nude mate for bride

Glossy lipstick for black bride

Glossy Nude for bride

Dark nude mate for mature skin

Glossy lipstick

Peach lipstick for tun skin

Darker tone 

Glossy pink for bridesmaid

  Dark nude style

Brighter nude for tin lips

Pink for brides


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