I was born in Guadalajara, the city of Tequila and Mariachi! I liked everything about makeup since my adolescence so I decided to study it professionally, I see makeup as an expression of art, every time I do a makeup on a client I imagine it’s clean canvass where I can create and I love that feeling!

My goal and the goal of our entire staff is to bring the best out of every bride on that special day, beauty, self-assurance and happiness. Our work is more than just a hairdo and makeup, we pride ourselves on our work as art expressed on skin and hair as our canvas. With utilize innovative makeup techniques, an amazing makeup using MAC or with airbrush is your choice.

I love life and I am very passionate about what I do! I get a great sense of satisfaction out of helping others, my job and exploring the ocean… I am a nature lover, a dreamer with a happy and adventurous spirit.